"I have got very good relief from my symptoms of I.B.S. i found Dr. Jaiswal's therapeutic diet most beneficial. I am continuing Nature Cure at home after 21 days residential program at Dr. Jaiswal Health Home".
Mr. Anubhav Doshi, 51, case of I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel syndrome)

" After 3 months of continued Medical Yoga sessions with Dipankar, i am happy to say that my blood sugar level has come down considerably. The best thing is that my comparative pathological test is the proof".
Mrs. Ritika Ponde, 42, case of Diabetes Mellitus

" I often come here to take Acupressure & Massage, mostly on weekends. i find it very effective as a quick & natural relief from work related stress. i work in the IT field. Good wishes "
Mr. Tanmay Rathod, 23, stress relief

" After taking a beauty sessions, as & when required with Dr. Mrs. Jaiswal i always find my skin glowing & happy".
Miss Lata Bangirwar, 37

" I am undergoing Medical Yoga for my problem of Sciatica for sometime at Dr. Jaiswal's center. though results may not be as desired but i fins the entire team very sincere & dedicated. the whole atmosphere is uplifting. as such i can say i am upbeat about good results soon"
Mr. Datta Kondawar, 70, case of Sciatica

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Dr. Jayswal is a practicing Naturopathy specialist in Nutrition & Fasting for the last 30 years. He has a very successful track record of treatment of various diseases the natural way. At the same time the learned doctor's 16 years in Naturopathy academics has been spent in imparting scientific education from the common man to medical persons.

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